MMOTOP.RU is the ranking of servers for the most popular free multiplayer online games such as: Lineage II, World of Warcraft, RF Online, Jade Dynasty, Mu Online, Tera Online, Aion, and others. Each server added to the rating catalog is moderated, game projects located on free hosting or having a free domain in the rating are not activated.

There is also a section on shooters and the following games: CS 1.6, CSS, Minecraft, Rust, 7 days to die, Battlefield 4, etc.

Rating allows you to find the server you need and determine the choice of parameters such as: server rates, quality of players assessment, game version and server position in the rating.

More than five hundred servers participate in the rating. Dozens of new ones are registered every month; resources that are closed or inactive are removed every month when they are cleared after the votes are nullified.

The project was created in 2006.